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InteliLiving connects your family, detects falls and helps prevent health issues.

Inteliliving Cameras Rehab Hire

InteliLiving is available at Rehab Hire for purchase or hire.

Looking out for you 24/7

Using discreet sensors, your InteliLiving home system gets to know you and lets your family and carers know everything is okay, with regular ‘all okay’ updates. With insights at their fingertips, your family will be worry-free, and you will feel more secure and confident.
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There’s no need for cameras or microphones with InteliLiving®. Instead, discreet sensors are placed around the home, in doorways and on key appliances, designed to gather information on movement, activity levels, temperature and more. The software uses this to relay information about behaviour such as sleeping patterns, social outings, meal preparation, and any potential health issues.

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