• Spex Mantaray Back Support
  • Offers a solid shell with unique built-in lateral wings that are width, height and angle-adjustable to give excellent lateral stability
  • Fully adjustable and repositionable lateral ‘wings’ means that the therapist/clinician can ensure the right support in the right place for the user
  • Slick and non-obtrusive yet provides the right amount of spine and lateral stability for many different postural needs
  • Lightweight solid aluminum back support with quick-release hardware
  • Wrap upholstery section gives conforming comfort
  • Offers exceptional trunk stability
  • Minimal contouring, and includes positioning kit for further postural enhancements
  • Designed for the individual who requires:
    • A solid back support to support minimal deformities or stability needs
    • Minimal to moderate postural support
    • Improved trunk/pelvic positioning whilst maintaining propelling efficiency
    • Has mild-moderate torso asymmetries
    • Greater functionality as there is minimal hardware between the client and the lateral supports
Back Support Size 10″-15″
(25.4-38 cm)
(41-51 cm)
(53 cm+)
Maximum Occupant Weight 200 lb (90 kg) 300 lb (136 kg) Must use Heavy-Duty brackets
400 lb (180 kg)
Maximum Occupant Weight with Heavy-Duty brackets 300 lb (136 kg) 400 lb (180 kg)


Additional information
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 15 cm
Purchase Type